by Vera Glagoleva Based on stage play «A Month in the Country» by I. Turgenev



1. Shanghai IFF

-Section Panorama

2. 26 Trieste IFF

- Galapremiere

3. Golden Phoenix, Smolensk

- Grand Prix "Diamond Phoenix"

- Special prize named after Mikhail Glinka to Sergei Banevich, the composer of the film

- Special prize named after philanthropist Mary Tenisheva to producer Natalia Ivanova 

4. Amur autumn. Film and Theatre Festival , Blagoveshchensk

- Grand Prix named after Valeria Priemyhova for Best Film

      - Award for Best Cinematography to director of photocopy Gints Berzins

5. "Pacific Meridian", Vladivostok   

- Anna Levanova. Special Jury Prize "Star" for the role of Vera

6. The First RFF in Monaco

- Vera Glagoleva, director of the film "Two Women", "For contribution to the development and promotion of Russian culture and art"

- Film "Two Women" was awarded the Audience Award.

7.  2-nd RFF in Nice

- Special prize "For contribution to the development of Russian cinema and promoting Russian culture abroad," the director of the film "Two Women" Vera Glagoleva.

8.  3–d Hanoi IFF

-Grand Prix Festival - director Vera Glagoleva for the film "Two Women"

- Best Actress - Anna Astrakhantseva

9.      21–st  RFF "Literature and Cinema" in Gatchina

-Award for best director Vera Glagoleva

- Award for composer Sergei Banevich

- Award for Best Actor Ralph Fiennes

- Award for Best Actress Anna Astrakhantseva

10.  Film "Fathers and Sons" Orel- 2015  

-GRAND PRIX-best film.

11. Cheboksary IFF

- Audience Award       

12.   RFF «Viva Cinema Russia»

- Award for Best Actor Alexander Baluev

- Audience Award

13IFF «Zolotoy vityaz»

-GRAND PRIX-best film.

- Award for Best Actor Alexander Baluev

- Award for Best Actress Anna Astrakhantseva

 14. IFF in Chichester (UK)

  - Galapremiere

15.  3 Tehran Jasmine International Film Festival:

 - The Golden Jasmine forbest screenwriters went to Svetlana Grudovich and Olga Pogodina-Kuzmina for “Two Women”, a joint production of Russia, France, UK and Latvia.

 - Gints Berzins won the Golden Jasmine for best cinematographer for the film.

    16.  Let’s Cee Film Festival in Austria (Vienna)

    17.  Jagran IFF (India)New Delhi & Mumbai

    18.  Film festival in Tbilisi ( Georgia)

    -The opening of the film.

     19.    Days of Russian cinema" Prague (Czech Republic)

  -A special screening of the film "Two women"

    20.    International festival "Love like crazy", Varna (Bulgaria)

  -Gala premiere

    21.    XII international charitable film festival "Radiant angel"

   - Second prize to the film "Two women"