by Vera Glagoleva Based on stage play «A Month in the Country» by I. Turgenev

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                                                   Trailer "Two women"

Ivan Turgenev (1818-1883)

  • Born in 1818 in Orel, in srednepomestnoy noble family.
  • The great Russian writer of the "Golden Age", a recognized classic of world literature.
  • Corresponding member of the Imperial Academy of Sciences in the category of Russian Language and Literature (1860).
  • He studied at a private school in Moscow, then in universities - Moscow, St. Petersburg, Berlin.
  • A member of the Oxford Academy. 
 Ivan Turgenev  

As a master of psychological analysis has had a great influence on Russian and world literature, creating a number of social and psychological novels - "Noble Nest", "Rudin", "eve", "Fathers and Sons", which brought up as members of the outgoing aristocratic culture, so and a new era of heroes - the commoners and the Democrats. His images are selfless women have enriched the literary Russian special term - "Turgenev's girls."

France has played a special role in the life and creative life of the writer. Love urgeneva to the famous French singer Pauline Viardot made the writer for many years to leave the country.

In France, the Society of Friends of Turgenev, one of the streets of Paris, named after the writer's works and the house-museum of Turgenev in Bougival.

In Italy, active in school Russian language and Russian culture of Turgenev in Turin.


Pauline Viardot Garcia


The play "A Month in the Country" filmed for the first time.

XIX century. Summer. The rich Russian landowner estate Islaeva. 

After a month's absence from the estate of a family friend back - Mikhail Rakitin and immediately notices that in the life of the inhabitants of the house is something different. This is especially noticeable in the mood mistress of Natalia Petrovna Islaevoy in which it has long been hopelessly in love. It turns out that during his absence from the estate of a new governor - Alexei Belyaev, and it is this open, cheerful young man has recovered all the inhabitants of the house Islaevyh.

From the first day Belyaeva loved his disciple - a decade Kohl. Young energetic teacher pales in comparison to the old boring Schaaf, a teacher of German. It is easy and fun with the new teacher and the seventeen year old pupil Islaevyh - Faith. But the most profound and subtle processes taking place in the soul of Natalia Petrovna. Are alien and boring economic concerns of her husband, who is always building something and improving. She was not worried about the talk of noble Rakitin and its "peaceful" feeling of love that he feels for her for a long time. She catches herself thinking that when a new teacher from the previous boredom was gone. Natalya Petrovna suddenly transformed, under various pretexts, seeking meetings with him, and at times, behaves like a girl. All these notices with alarm and intelligent Rakitin. Yes, and she admits Natalya Petrovna Rakitin that Belyaev made it quite impressed to have infected his youth, spontaneity ... Tells him, "as a friend" of battering her conflicting feelings. Rakitin realizes that she is in love, and his position was hopeless.

In love conflict comes home Islaevyh ward, Vera, which is recognized in a sincere impulse Natalya Petrovna that she is partial to Belyaev. The recognition of a rival and jealousy, pushing Natalya Petrovna in the unseemly business. She decides to give faith to marry an elderly neighbor Bolshintsov, not hesitating to hire the services of a cynic and fixers Dr. Shpigelsky.

Soon Vera understands the true meaning of acts of Natalia Petrovna, and finally decided to admit Belyaev in love. Suddenly, she finds it reciprocity, which she so carefully initiated. To save the situation, Rakitin advises Natalya Petrovna Belyaev refuse from the site. And indeed Natalya Petrovna, realizing that this passion can only have devastating consequences, is going to do it. Rakitin decided to act - to leave this house forever. Before that, he meets with Belyaev and informs him of his decision, meaning that Belyaev and should do the same. Belyaev agree. Rakitin and Belyaev leave. Vera leaves the house and agreeing to marriage with the unloved Bolshintsov.

This price rescued family foundations and honor of Natalia Petrovna. All of them were on the verge of love, but did not dare to enter it ...



director's explication

We live in a world free from moral principles, where there are many counselors: glossy magazines, social networks, TV. They are willing to give us another recipe behavior for all occasions, replacing thus important for human life concepts such as honesty, conscience, honor which so want to remind everyone.

The plot of this movie from the first to the last frame is imbued with the atmosphere of aristocratic life of a typical aristocratic family and its main women - Natalia Petrovna - Russian beauties impersonation of the late XIX century. Against this background, the outer well-being of the audience is waiting suspenseful plot, which gradually will involve all the inhabitants of the house. Passion, love, jealousy and betrayal - these are just some of the driving forces that snowballed with lightning speed, ready to sweep away everything in its path barriers of morality and ethics ...

The personification of a new, capable because of his youth on the destruction of already well-established mores and concepts in the film will embody the teacher - raznochinets Belyayev, the character who became his appearance and for Natalia Petrovna, the object of passion and adoration.

An important, if not the main dramaturgical component is given to Michael Rakitin - Islaevyh a family friend and a close friend of the protagonist of heart. That he plays the role of a tuning fork of morality and decency, which is the most difficult for Natalia Petrovna and her family currently takes the right decision.

Role Rakitina if specially written for Ralph Fayntsa - stars of world cinema, which has a special acting talent transformation and inner spiritual world. By happy coincidence the invitation to this role coincided with his longtime desire to play this character.

"Two Women" - this is another attempt by the classics of literature to unravel the secret of the soul and the nature of the Russian people, as it did before many famous filmmakers: S. Bondarchuk, Nikita Mikhalkov, M.Shveytser, A. Mikhalkov-Konchalovsky, etc.

It is particularly important that the film will be shot in real estate of Russian, in its original interiors. This will remind the viewer of the Russian end of the XIX-th century, when it experienced rapid economic growth and the heyday of Russian classicism.

Transparent atmosphere of space, architecture of the house, the rapid change of summer weather conditions - thanks to the "mobile" camera - should be important stylistic components of the film. At the same time, based on the drama, the camera is going to be very delicately to watch the events, how-to "inside" of the film, allowing the viewer to see more than the hero.

Film Editing linear, soft, almost non-existent, creating a sense of continuity of the narrative.

The music in the film will have two components. First - it's musical preferences Russian nobility French romances, including A.Delyuk. It will be built everyday scenes family Islaevyh. Second, the original author of the famous composer of the music of St. Petersburg S.Banevicha, which will reveal the inner world of the main characters of the film.