by Vera Glagoleva Based on stage play «A Month in the Country» by I. Turgenev

production companyes


THE PRODUCER CENTRE "Horosho Production", established in 2001, is specializing in production and realisation of feature-films and documentaries. Its films won a dozen of prizes in Russian and International festivals. The Producer Centre “Horosho Production” is realising joint-projects with the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, the Russian Cinema Fund, “Pervy Kanal” and the All-Russia State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company, shortly VGTRK. The Centre has successfully managed Russian film festivals in France and Italy.

Since 2010 it has been involved into co-production projects. There is experience of co-operation with Latvia, Canada, France and England.
  • Art films
  • 2014y., "TWO WOMEN" Director Vera Glagoleva
  • 2014y. "THE LESSON" Screenplay and director – Andris Gauja
  • 2013y., "CHAPAEV-CHAPAEV" Director Victor Tikhomirov (St. Petersburg-Moscow)
  • 2011y., "GULFSTREAM under ICEBERG" Directed and written by Eugene Paszkiewicz. Joint production of the Latvia-Russia
  • 2011y., "PRESUMED CONSENT" Scriptwriter & Director Farhot Abdullayev (Russia-Tajikistan)
  • 2009y., "ONE WAR" Director Vera Glagoleva
  • 2006y., "NOT GONNA GET US" Director and scriptwriter Ilya Shilovsky
  • 2005y., "ORDER" Director Vera Glagoleva
  • Documentary films
  • 2013y., "DIARY OF A DRUG ADDICT" Director Svetlana Stassenko
  • 2011y., "A DIARY FROM A BURNT GHETTO" Director and Screenplay Eugene Tsimbal
  • 2009y., "THE PLAGUE" Directors Galina Krasnoborova, Svetlana Muzichenko
  • 2007y., "A. MIRONOV" Director Svetlana Stasenko
  • 2006y., "THIS lAND’S ATTRACTION" Director Marina Shelyubskaya
  • 2006y., "COMMENTARY ON THE PAST" Director and scriptwriter Galina Dolmatovskaya
  • 2005y., "THE FIRST LADY IN THE LAND OF CHINGHIZ KHAN" Director Valeriy Balayan
  • 2002y., "IRAQ. THE CRADLE OF CIVILIZATION" Director Anastasia Sarytcheva
  • Preproduction
  • 2014y., "CASE №" Director Andrey Nikitinskih
  • Postpoduction
  • 2015y., "Teli and Toli" Director Alexandr Amirov (debut)

    Rezo Films, Paris, France

    Rezo Productions is engaged in the production of its own and is one of the leading independent French and international distributors of French and foreign films, including films like the world-famous directors (Alexander Sokurov, Eric Rohmer, Volker Schlöndorff, John Seyles) and filmmakers debuts (2 days in Julie Delpy Paris, Courtney Hunt, Frozen River, Xavier Dolan, Heartbeats).



    JPS was established in 1990 by Yuris Podnieks, a film director-director of photography. His documentary drama “Is it easy to be young?” brought him international  fame. At the time being JPS is the leading Latvian producer company, having a modern movie and TV production base. Antra Celinska is the Studio Manager.
    The featured filmography includes:
    "Gulf Stream under the Iceberg", 2012 – co-producer.
    "Two Women", 2014, co-producer



    GVI-Group, Russia

    The GVI-Group specializing on manufacture and realization of movie, documentary, television films.
    "ONE WAR", 2009 (with Producer Centre "Horosho Production" Co. Ltd.), director Vera Glagoleva.
    "THE ORDER", 2005 (with Producer Centre "Horosho Production"), director Vera Glagoleva.