by Vera Glagoleva Based on stage play «A Month in the Country» by I. Turgenev

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Ralph Fiennes: Russian role in Two Women was hardest yet

Ralph Fiennes: Russian role in Two Women was hardest yet

The actor said it was an intimidating role to take

Ralph Fiennes says his latest film was his toughest yet — because it was shot entirely in Russian. 

The actor, 53, stars in Two Women, an adaptation of Ivan Turgenev’s play A Month In The Country. It was made two years ago but is not released in the UK until this week.

He told the Standard: “It was an intimidating role to take. They wanted to take me to Russia, shoot it in Russian and then they re-voiced me for the Russian audience. 

“But I have re-recorded the whole thing again so it is now my voice

To be honest, acting on set, I tried to get the emotions and the intent, but linguistically it was full of flaws and a strong accent.

“It feels like a huge relief because they have been struggling to get it out here. It’s been a long haul.”

Fiennes, pictured, has been interested in Russia’s culture for many years and says he feels more comfortable there. 

Speaking at a private screening of the film in Kensington last night, he added: “I feel a kinship. I’ve been going back and forth to Russia — I have friends there.

“Something about being there makes me feel at ease, accepted, not judged in the context of who I am in England. I feel happy there. 

“God knows people are writing enough articles about what’s wrong with Russia, but if you go there, and have a life shared with other human beings, you realise it’s a different story.”

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