by Vera Glagoleva Based on stage play «A Month in the Country» by I. Turgenev


Director-producer, co-producer, co-author of SCENARIO


    Vera Glagoleva

  • Member of the European Film Academy
  • People's Artist of Russia
  • Member of the Union of Cinematographers of Russia
  • A member of the Russian Guild of Film Directors
  • A member of the Actors' Guild of Russia
  • Since 2005, the producer of the GVI-group 

Authors of the script


    Svetlana Grudovich

  • She was born on March 27, 1954 in Belarus.
  • In 1978, she graduated from the acting class at the Leningrad Conservatory and in 1989 - a scenario VGIK (workshop Valentin Yezhov).
  • Son - actor Donatas Grudovich.

      Olga Pogodina-Kazmina

  • She was born in Siberia in 1969, with three years of living in St. Petersburg.
  • Playwright, novelist and screenwriter. She graduated from the St. Petersburg Theatre Academy.
  • The winner and nominee drama awards "New Drama", "Eurasia", "Lyubimovka."
  • Author of the plays "Marmalade" (2003), "Sukhobezvodnoye" (2006), "Clay Pit" (2007), as well as dramatizations for theater, radio theater and cinema.



    Gints Berzins, LGC, Latvia

  • He was born in 1968., Photographer and filmmaker, LGC, 1993 graduate of the Institute of Cinematography. 
  • In 2002 founded the company hire a film camera ARKOGINTS
  • In 2004 Gints Berzins became president of the Latvian Cinematographers Guild (LGC). 
  • The famous director Wong Karvay, the head of the Jury of the 11th International Film Festival in Shanghai in 2008, expressed his personal admiration of camera work in the film "Loss". 

Production Designer


    Elena Zhukova

honoured artist of RF

- graduated the Vera Mukhina Higher School of Art and Design (now The Saint Petersburg State Art and Industry Academy)  in 1982, with specialization in “Interior and equipment”

From 1983 – a scene-designer in Lenfilm motion-picture studio.

From 1989 – an artistic director.

 Selected filmography:

  • Peculiarities of the National Hunt, directed by Aleksandr Rogozhkin
  • The Sword Bearer, directed by F.Yankovsky
  • Mongol, directed by S.Bodrov
  • High Security Vacation, directed by I.Zaytsev
  • Retribution, directed  by K.Kapica, B. Drobyazko
  • “Faust”, directed by A. Sokurov

Prizes and Awards:

  • NIKA award winner for “Best artist in the film “Mongol” (2007)
  • Nominated for NIKA award for “Best artist in the film “Faust” (2012)


Makeup artist


    Tamara Freed 


Selected filmography:

  • "You are My Only Love", directed by D.Astrahan
  • "Brother-1", "Brother-2", directed by A.Balabanov
  • "The Stroll", directed by A.Uchitel
  • "His wife’s diary", directed by A.Uchitel
  •  "Window to Paris", directed by Y. Mamin
  • "Stone Head", "The Sword Bearer", directed by F.Yankovsky
  • "Faust", directed by A.Sokurov
  • Gulf Stream under the Iceberg”, directed by Y.Pashkevich 




    Elena Lukyanova


Dress designer

Actively works in filmmaking industry, lectures at the Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography.
Selected filmogaphy:

  • "The Trail" (Tropa), directed by M.Kosirev-Nesterov
  • "Amphibian Man" (2004), directed by P.Ivanov, A.Atanesyan
  • "Lenin’s Testament", directed by N. Dostal
  • "Farewell, Doctor Freud", directed by M. Migunova
  • "The Line of Defence", directed by D. Fiks
  • "Demons", directed by D.Talankin, I.Talankin
  • "One War", directed by V.Glagoleva




    Sergei Banevich 

Honoured artist of RSFSR
A Companion of Order of Friendship
Recipient of the State Prize of Saint Petersburg
Selected filmography:

  • "About you", directed by E. Ishmuhamedov
  • "Professor Douel’s testament", directed by L.Menaker
  • "Freeze, Die, Come to Life", directed by V.Kanevsky
  • "Do Not Make Biscuits In Bad Mood", directed by G.Nikulin Jr.
  • "Propaganda Team "Beat the Enemy", directed by V.Melnikov
  • "Order", directed by V.Glagoleva
  • "Kuka", directed by Y.Chevazhevsky
  • "One War", directed by V.Glagoleva




    Natalia Ivanova

  • A member of the Producers Guild of Russia
  • Member of the Union of Cinematographers of Russia
  • Vice-president of the Federation of Film Societies Russia
  • Member of the European Film Academy
  • General Director of Production Center "Well Production"
  • She was awarded the diploma of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation "For his contribution to culture"



   Laurent Danieolu

 Head of Acquisitions and Co-productions


  • 2008 Alexandra, dir. by A.Sokurov, Russia - Co-producer
  • 2007 Princess of the Sun, dir. by F. Lekler - Co-producer
  • 2004 Triple Agent, dir. by E.Romer - associate Producer




    Antra Celinska

  • Faculty of Foreign Languages at the University of Latvia.
  • Department of English Language and Literature.
  • Producers and Directors course in Denmark.
  • Course on co-production, distribution & script writing organized by EAVE.
  • ExOriente, Film Business School, Sources, Eurodoc


Executive Producers


    Maria Ksinopulo

  • She started her work in film line producer in the media group "Center for SCIP-Film".
  • Since 2001. on projects currently in "Good Production" as an executive producer.
  • PhD in economics.
  • Member of the Union of Cinematographers.


    Ekaterina Shavlova

  •  Graduated from the State University of Government as "Producer of cinema and TV" (2010)
  • Business English Certificate (BEC Vantage)
  • Training at Cinema management of Channel One ("Vikings"), Russkoye Schastye Entertainment ("On game", "A nightingale the robber"), Producer Center "AMA" ("Biker"), Channel Russia Today ("With own eyes")
  • Worked at Stage Entertainment (Musicals "Beauty and Monster", "Zorro", "Mother of MIA!"), Producer Center Golden key Entertainment ("Groom").
  • Since 2011 executive producer at Producer Center "Horosho Production".



        David P. Kelly

  • The former co-chairman at First City, Kelly is an accomplished and experienced Film Producer. He has worked at MGM studios, Working Title, Alibi Television and Zephyr Films.
  • David has a comprehensive understanding of the Film Industry across all the main areas of development and production, including developing high quality Film scripts working with both Oscar-winning writers to emerging talented newcomers across a wide range of genres.

      David’s notable productions include:

  • Mad about Mambo.
  • I hired a Contract Killer.
  • Desert Flower.
  • The Preacher.
  • Additionally, his latest film, The Last Station starring Helen Mirren and James McAvoy, was Oscar nominated in 2010.
  • Two women